A podcast on how money/capitalism interacts with sex, bodies, and relationships.

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Tuesday May 14, 2019

Liam explores financial domination. 

Saturday Apr 20, 2019

Liam looks into abortion as a socioeconomic issue. 

Saturday Apr 13, 2019

Liam explores why people should just give their money to women. 

Friday Apr 05, 2019

Liam discusses marriage-- and why it's on the decline. 

Monday Apr 01, 2019

Liam McBain looks into the Leeds managed sex work zone. 

Friday Mar 15, 2019

Liam investigates why incels see sex as a commodity. 

Friday Mar 08, 2019

Liam asks why we don't talk about class differences in relationships and interviews two of their romantically entangled friends on the subject. 

Saturday Mar 02, 2019

This week on Dirty Money, Liam McBain explores the effects of SESTA/FOSTA on the internet, sex trafficking victims, and sex workers. 

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